New Release : Taziri


Released on april 2015 by WorldVillage

Taziri is a Mediterranean blues, holding a musical bridge between the northern and southern shores of our common sea. Taziri revives the roots that bind us. In the divisions who would divide us, Taziri is basically rebellious. Berber meaning moonlight, Taziri is there to light our nights.

North-West Africa, including Morocco is a part, is one of the main sources of North American music through the blues that so fed Western popular music today! But it is also an important part of European history, because we have both inherited the great Andalusia and shared our lives and our destinies, our sweat and blood.

Titi Robin here extends its collaboration with the charismatic young artist Mehdi Nassouli Gnawa. After saving all the Moroccan album "Likaat" and shared the stage for the show "Les Rives" they approach an original repertoire of songs and instrumental, Titi composed for the occasion to voice this beautiful Moroccan and his brilliant groove guembri who marry so well with incisive sentences of bouzouki and guitar of French musician.

Habib Meftah Boushehri and Francis Varis, regular companions Titi, solidify the building committed by their presence. Explorer of his own universe that has nothing to do with the formatted labels and fantasies of interbreeding, Titi Robin borrows here the ridge path contours of the Mediterranean with his side Nassouli Mehdi, an enlightened fellow who brings his science of Moroccan music.

Music lovers will recognize the legacy Taziri other centuries-like African music source from which arose the blues. But in truth the aesthetic alchemy of the album, between dances and sweet nostalgia, goes well beyond. It is also a journey and a philosophical manifesto, because through artistic radicalism of its author eternal one hears beauty of the world.