Titi Robin Trio

"I used to dream of a world in which composers, performers and producers could make music without being constrained by the bottlenecks of genre and market forces. French guitarist Titi Robin has made an album as if the fantasy were true... the result is rich and moving, a tale with the depth of a novel and the narrative drive of a folk legend." John L. Walters THE GUARDIAN 2009

The Trio is the most open of Titi Robin’s line-ups. It is based on improvisation and allows each musician to play equally and meet each other on always renewed musical roads along Titi Robin’s repertoire. During the show, the three artists are alternately solist and backing interpreters. It relieves Titi Robin from his usual leader role, providing him a cherished musical freedom. Thanks to each one’s experience and quality, Titi, Francis and Alex are able to take some risks, providing a new lights upon the repertoire that they also usually play in the other line-ups of Titi Robin.

Titi Robin : 'oud, guitar, bouzouq
Francis Varis : accordion
Alex Tran : percussions