Riverbanks – Sextet

Riverbanks have a memory; every drop of water leaves a trace. When I was very young, I used to drink from the river, kneeling at the edge, like an animal thirsty for knowledge, and I learned to swim, sometimes against the current, sometimes under water, sometimes from a small, fragile boat, sometimes surrounded by companions and friends, children. Riverbanks are the school that life gave me as a gift. If I go back to the source, it is in order to pay tribute to the peoples who have fed that river with their blood, sweat and tears, their loves and their dreams. They are my family, on the banks of the river, where their deep footprints will never disappear.”

Sinan Celik : kaval,
Murad Ali Khan : sarangi,
El Medhi Nassouli : vocal, sintir, qraquebs,
Francis Varis : accordion,
Ze Luis Nascimento : percussions,
Titi Robin : ’ud, guitar, buzuq