Rebel Diwana

Shuheb Hasan : vocal
Nicholas Vella : keys
Murad Ali Khan : sarangi
Natallino Neto : bass
Arthur Alard : drums
Titi Robin : guitars, vocals, artistic direction
Guillaume Dubois : sound engineer
Molpé Music-Nuits de Fourvière : production
Some stole by jealousy & other to survive; Some are veiled by shame, Other by pride; Some fight in anger, Other for justice. Why don’t you call me? I want to drink at your source. Kurban-e-dil, my kurbani, Exile is your shelter, rebel. My exile, my kurban”

“My France, used to be the one from gypsy & arabic music that I heard in the communities who lived around me, in Anjou’s village and then in the neighborhood of Angers. It was logic that it inspired me and that I built my music out of this vocabulary reflecting me.”

Therefore Titi Robin describes the origin of his own musical path and life philosophy. The ones from a man who didn’t fall into languages coming from India, North Africa, Andalucia or Balkans by exoticism ; but more to fulfill his insatiable thirst of expression that always shook him from inside.

After Gitans, Kali Sultana ou Les Rives, his new creation Rebel Diwana, premiering in Fourvière, marks a turning point in its career. In response to the violence of the times, Titi Robin, surrounded by young Parisians & Indians musicians, chose for the first time to rely on instruments of Western culture (e-guitars, bass, keyboards, drums) as well as on some of its own poetic lyrics.

A turning point doesn’t mean a rupture : radical in the sound and in the gesture, Titi Robin nevertheless keeps this very personal modal, melodic and rhythmic language that he has forged over time. Rebel Diwana is the manifesto of an artist who is, more than ever a man of words: faithful to his aesthetic commitments and, through them, eager to tell his own specific vision of the world.