Un Ciel de Cuivre (2000)

Choc 2000 of Monde de la Musique
10 de Répertoire
Sélection FIP

This new record is not based on a precise orchestra, while that was the case for his previous albums PAYO MICHTO and KALI GADJI. It rather bears witness to the diversity influencing Titi Robin. Gipsy, Mediterranean and Balkan cultures are still all to be found, but this is above all a personal vision of the world that he wants to express through these musical marriages that fill his everyday life.
Thierry "Titi" Robin: guitar, oud, bouzouki / Farid "Roberto" Saadna: vocals, rhythmic guitar, palmas / Gabi Levasseur, Francis Varis: accordion/ Abdelkrim Sami "Diabolo": bendir, darbouka, vocals / Gulabi Sapera, Haçer Toruk: vocals / Pascal "Kalou" Stalin: bass / Amar Saadna "Bruno el Gitano": rhythmic guitar, palmas / Francis-Alfred Moerman: Selmer guitar / Renaud Pion: clarinets, saxophones / Jorge "Negrito" Trasante: cajon / François Laizeau: drums / Keyvan Chemirani: Deff, zarb / Abdellah Achbani, Mohammed Arab: bendir / sound recording and mixing: Silvio soave

Naïve Y225091