Those Waves Stirred by Love (2005)

(Ces Vagues que l'Amour Soulève)
"CHOC du Monde de la Musique"

percussions: Ze Luis Nascimento, La Coque
bass: Pascal "Kalou" Stalin
accordion: Francis Varis
vocals: Maria, Jose Montealegre
background vocals, palmas: Los Rumberos Catalans
(Mambo Saadna, Bruno el Gitano, Roberto Saadna, Abraham Gonzales)
rythmic guitar: Jose Montealegre, Los Rumberos Catalans
string orchestra "ESO solists": direction Francis Varis
'ud, guitar, bouzouq, "guitare voilée": Titi Robin
sounds effects: Silvio Soave, Titi Robin
production: Silvio Soave

Naïve WN 145081

"I've always considered a disc like a work independent from professional contingencies (tours, promotion...). It's like a book that I write which could be read in all languages, in different circumstances: in the night , in the day, in a car, on the beach, at work, alone in the city, at rush hours, or with someone on the balcony of a bar in a northern district building, on the terrace of a cafe, on a Sunday morning near the flee market or near the well of a Rajasthani village, at nightfall... and I want it to be enjoyed no matter if it will have been released, like in fifty years, possibility more. The story this book tells is the state of my paradise the day my pen sets upon a page. The deeper you go, the more the horizon furthers.
As the recordings of my discs generally gave me the opportunity to invite many musicians with whom I did not necessarily perform on stage, but were ideally suited to the interpretation of one or more songs, I invited a limited group of musicians, who were largely similar to those around me during the shows.
Above all, there is this amazing trio (Francis Varis on accordion, Kalou Stalin on the bass and Ze Luis Nascimento at the percussions) who accompanies me throughout the year in JIVULA * of QUINTET and the TRIO, that I wanted ever present in this disc.
Cantaor flamenco singer Jose Montealegre, who sings in the QUINTET, came to enlarge the music suite that I wrote around the ‘oud. The Saadna brothers (Los Rumberos Catalans), with whom I played for many years, joined me to finish the disc in the Gypsy-party style we love so much.
For the composition of Manuel Boursinhac "La Mentale"‘s soundtrack, I used a string orchestra, composed mainly of violas, cellos and basses. I extended this experience thanks to the subtle arrangements of Francis Varis on three themes.
Silvio Soave, with whom I made all my records since Gitans in 1992, is once again taken in the adventure to make this project work (recording and mixing). This year a new formation appeared on stage, which gathers around Gulabi Sapera and me the coming generation. Maria singing, and La Coque at the percussions joined me in the studio to enrich the recording with their already magical and disturbing art. And what does this record talk about? What are the waves about? The answer is in the music, in your listening too, perhaps in our loves."

Titi Robin, summer 2005