Kali Sultana – L’ombre du ghazal (2008)

"I used to dream of a world in which composers, performers and producers could make music without being constrained by the bottlenecks of genre and market forces. French guitarist Titi Robin has made an album as if tht fantasy were true ... the result is rich and moving, a tale with the depth of a novel and the narrative drive of a folk legend."
John L. Walters THE GUARDIAN 2009


Accordion : Francis Varis
Saxophone, clarinet : Renaud Gabriel Pion
Vocals, danse : Maria Robin
Bass : Pascal « Kalou » Stalin
Percussions : Ze Luis Nascimento
Daphs : Shadi Fathi, assisted by Colombe Robin « La Coque »
Violas : Anne Berry, Aude-Marie Duperret
Cello : Véronique Tat, Cécile Girard
Musical arrangement : Francis Varis, Renaud Pion
Buzuq, guitar, ‘ud, artistic direction : Titi Robin

Produced by Naïve
Released in november 2008
Recorded by Guillaume Dubois & Sylvain Masure, at la Cartonnerie in Reims / by Fabrice Maria & Jean-Baptiste Brunhes, at the studio de la Seine in Paris.
Mastered by Jean-Baptiste Brunhes, assisted by Khoï Huynh at the studio de la Seine in Paris.
Graphics : Hotspot (http://www.louisvincent-photographe.com)
Photos : Louis Vincent (http://www.louisvincent-photographe.com)
Publishing : Madoromusic (paul.lavergne@madoromusic.fr)
Executive producers : Paul Lavergne, Marie Sauvet, Guillaume Dubois