Gitans (1993)

Télérama Event
“Choc” of Monde de la Musique
Diapason 5

A homage made to gipsy music, a mosaic of encounters between artists dear to Titi Robin who represent the various branches of the great gipsy family, from North India to Andalusia, via the Balkans, from which he draws his personal musical vision.
Thierry "Titi" Robin: guitar, 'ud, bouzouki / Gulabi Sapera: vocals / Paco el Lobo: vocals, palmas / Joseph "Mambo" Saadna: vocals, guitar, palmas / Amar "Bruno" Saadna: vocals, guitar, palmas / François Castiello: accordion / Bernard Subert: clarinet, bagpipes / Abdelkrim Sami: bendir tehti, darbouka / Hameed Khan: tablas / Francis-Alfred Moerman: guitar / Mahabub Khan: vocals / sound recording and mixing: Silvio Soave

Auvidis/Silex Y225035