Alezane (2004)

Anthology, double 5-section digipack with a 28-page colour booklet created by Eric Roux-Fontaine. Alezane is a selection of Titi’s recordings presented as two thematic CDs: “le jour” presents rhythmic and dance tracks, “la nuit” more intimist tracks, laced with previously unreleased pieces, remixed versions and certain tracks performed anew. All the tracks were re-masterised.

“These two records are a selection of recordings made over a period of a dozen years (the first session took place during the winter of 1991), but draw from some twenty-five years of compositions. It was not easy to choose. In my preceding albums I have always tried to bring together dance and intimist tracks in the smoothest possible way. Here, on the contrary, we present a panorama by categorising the tracks as either rhythmic tunes (CD I) “Le Jour”) or calmer ones (CD II “La Nuit”). Of course some tracks could have been put into both selections. Digging the same furrow has the advantage of highlighting the tracks in a different way. I hope that this will bring to light the musical world in which I have been wandering for over twenty years. It has existed for a long time and has stopped being an issue. On the other hand, the true challenge is to express, within an artistic system that has rather more imposed itself on me than been chosen by me, my path as a contemporary musician, with its joys and shadows, the solitary words and collective exchanges, and all the colours and scents that envelop and go through me.”

percussion: Bijan Chemirani, Keyvan Chemirani, Hameed Khan, Kishan Lal Rana, Banwari Nath, Colombe Robin "La Coque", Abdelkrim Sami "Diabolo" / drums: François Laizeau, Jorge "Negrito" Trasante / bass: Alain Genty, Pascal "Kalou" Stalin / rhythmic guitars: Francis-Alfred Moerman, Amar Saadna "Bruno el Gitano", Joseph "Mambo" Saadna,Farid "Roberto" Saadna, Thierry "Titi" Robin / solo guitars: Francis-Alfred Moerman, Thierry "Titi" Robin / accordions, keyboards: Gabriel Levasseur, Francis Varis / wind instruments: Renaud Pion, Banwari Sapera, Bernard Subert / oud, bouzouki: Thierry "Titi" Robin / vocals: Paco el Lobo, Saway Nath, Maria Robin, Amar Saadna "Bruno el Gitano", Joseph "Mambo" Saadna, Farid "Roberto" Saadna, Abdelkrim Sami "Diabolo", Gulabi Sapera, Haçer Toruk / compositions, arrangements: Thierry "Titi" Robin / sound mixing: Silvio Soave